What an AdWords Consultant Does?

What an AdWords Consultant Does

As an AdWords Consultant we manage all sorts of AdWords campaigns, and we even under take them ourselves. We are undertaking a bit of an AdWords management campaign at the moment, to acquire more AdWords customers. We've created a lead capture page and undertaken a few tests on the page prior to it being launched to confirm that certain areas on the page stand out.

We use a tool called Feng-GUI to do these tests. I honestly think it is an awesome piece of software that can save you a lot A/B testing time.

Below is the page we created. This page is like most small local businesses, where there are 2 calls to action. Either ring or complete the form to request a call back, so these sections on the page we want to stand out – hence them being red.

original adwords page for test in feng-gui

The Tests AdWords Consults Do

It’s a standard sort of AdWords page that we created, with a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) plus an external factor providing legitimacy to the service. Now, this can change rather dramatically from campaign to campaign, but it’s a formula we’ve found to be very successful.

So with Feng-GUI there are a number of tests to undertake.

The first test big the Heat Map and this test is to help determine what is the most dominate elements on the page. As you can see the Phone Number in the center is the most prominent and then the Red button for the form comes in after this.

Heat map testing performed by an adwords consultant

The next Test is the Gaze Plot. The idea of this test is to look at the number sequence and this gives you an idea of which areas on the page are viewed first to last. The early in the scan path the better.

gaze plot test for an adwords campaign

The final test we have undertaken is the Opacity, which is a bit of a reverse of the Heat Map where the areas you can see are the dominate areas on the page or the visually attractive areas. Either way, you really want your call to action to be visible in the Opacity map or you need to consider redesigning the page.

adwords opacity test the consultant performed

Now some people don’t want to undertake such activities on their campaigns and would rather just get a number of clicks on their ads and hope the people convert. We just find this to be an expensive way to operate a business. As a certified AdWords consultant I would rather undertake these tests – but everyone is different. I'm not aware of any other agencies undertaking these steps regarding the call to action