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Verified G Suite Coupon Code Australia Offer

If you looking for business grade email and apps, you can’t go wrong with G Suite and Google Cloud. We use it within our office and migrated from a self-hosted email service and it was one of the best decisions we've made. If you're after a 20% discount on the first year use the verified G Suite Coupon Code Australia offer.

Verified G Suite Coupon Code Australia Offer

Get 20% off G Suite for the First Year

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Here are the list of Supported Google
Apps available in the G Suite:

  • Gmail - email service with your own domain name
  • Hangouts – a bit like Skype
  • Calendar
  • Docs – a bit like MS Word
  • Sheets – think of it as a Excel replacement
  • Forms – allows you to create quick and easy survey
  • Slides – similar to MS PowerPoint
  • Sites – create intranet type of website
  • Drive – cloud based storage

The G Suite lets you streamline your business by utilising Google Apps and the Google Cloud, allowing your business to focus on generating more sales and customer relationships.

Information about the Premium Google Apps Products you get with G Suite

  1. Gmail – You are able to have you own domain name email address like [email protected]
  2. Hangouts – This is a truly powerful feature that allows you to schedule meetings and online conferences allowing you to share your screen.
  3. Google+ – This is Google’s Social network which is has a high percentage of males signed up to it. It is less crowded that the other social platforms and has many advantages to connect to like minded people.
  4. Calendar – This is a truly professional touch for any business person to be able to send meeting invites from your business email address and offer Google Hangout as the option for the face to face on the meeting.
  5. Docs – Allows you to create and import Word documents and collaborate in real time with colleagues. Keeping a history of the updates that were undertaken.
  6. Sheets – Is a Spreadsheet application which allows multiple people to simultaneously update spreadsheets in real time while allowing chat functionality to the right
  7. Forms – Have you ever wanted to create a survey to collect data to track feedback. Well this is a simple yet powerful app.
  8. Sliders – We all create presentation as part of a proposal or to provide an update on the status of a project. Well Sliders is the new standard.
  9. Sites – is a great way to show case your business or provide intranet capabilities.
  10. Drive – Sharing of data is so important and the ability to have it backed up without the hassles of the old days of tapes and knowing the data is in safe hands.

Then there is the simple to use Admin console to create new users to have access and to manage the applications

google apps console google apps coupon code interface

Manage Your Apps with the Admin interface.

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