Facebook Advertising Infographic

Facebook Advertising Infographic – How Well do you know your Customer?

There are plenty of options available for targeting your ideal customer. but have you put in the upfront work to actually understand who they are and what their specific demographic details are. As the more you know, the more specific you can be. And the more specific you are, the higher your success and the cheaper it will be for you to undertake a Facebook Advertising campaign.

Facebook Advertising Infographic

facebook advertising infographic

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Target Location

You need to consider where is your idea customer located. As you need to advertise there. If you only sell local services then only advertise locally – not nationally or all around the world.

Age & Gender

If you know your ideal customer is female aged between 30 and 40 then only advertise to them. The more specific you are in your targeting the more specific your individual ads can be.

Relationship Status Options

If you are a wedding photographer then it is likely to be very appropriate to target your advertising campaign to people who are engaged, as there is a high likelihood that they will need a photographer at their wedding.

Relationship – Interested In – Men, Men and Women, Unspecified , Women

Relationship Status options.

Single, In a Relationship, Married, Engaged, Unspecified, Civil Union, Domestic Relationship, Complicated, Separated, Divorced, Widowed


When selling educational products or services certainly look at the various education levels. Also consider websites like Alexa or Similar Web to further understand demographic details.

Education Level – Associated Degree, College grad, Doctorate degree, In college, In grad school, In High school. Master’s degree, Professional degree, Some college, Some grad school, Some high school, Unspecified.

Field of Study, Schools, Undergrad Years


If you sell specific products or services in a specific industry or to people with a certain Job title then refine your targeting.

Word targeting options are:  Employers, Job Titles and Industries

Ethnic Affinity - Generation

Your able to target parents who have children in a specific age bracket.

All Parents – 0-12mths New Parents, 1-2 Years Parents with Toddlers, 3-5 Parents with Preschoolers, 6-8 Years Parents with Early School Age Children, 8-12, Parents with Preteens,, 13-18 Parents with Teenagers, 19- 26Parents with Adults, Expectant Parents, Parents (All)

Politics (US)

In the US there is the ability to display your ads to people who have a specific political slant.

Politics (US) – Active, Conservative, Liberal, Moderate, Very Conservative, Very Liberal

Life Events

The more you know about someone the more specific you can be with your advertisings and Facebook provides plenty of information in being able target people with Life Events and their friends. So you could advertise to people’s friends on certain life events like upcoming birthdays to newly engaged in the last 6 months or long distance relationships.

Life Events - Anniversary with in 30days, Away from family, Away from hometown, Friends of ->, Long Distance Relationship, New Job, New relationship, Newly engaged (1 year), Newly engaged (3 months), Newly Engaged (6 months), Recently Moved, Upcoming birthday,

Language, Interests and Behaviors

The final 3 options provide you with the ability to target people who know certain languages, Interested in certain topics and love their sport.


The power in Facebook Marketing is the ability to target people and the more you know about your audience the better you will be able to target your ideal customer.  Your able to easily display our Facebook Advertising Infographic on your website by copying the code above and placing it on your site.

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