“OK Google” Who Will Win 2015 State Election

“OK Google” Who Will Win 2015 State Election

ok google 2015 state election qldvotes

When you do a “OK Google” search on “Who will win the 2015 State Election” the statement is Bookies tip Campbell Newman to lose Ashgrove and Tim Nicholls to be the new Premier of Queensland! Google has not made the prediction they have just provided the data from the Brisbane Times.

Bing does not provide any prediction like it did in the Scottish Independent Referendum vote.

It will be interesting to see if Bing does any work on this with the QLD State Election or have they given up on this prediction technology. Or is it Australia doesn’t have enough search traffic for them to be able to make a prediction.

ok google 2015 state election qldvotes

"Ok Google" who will win 2015 election

With Siri you need to be a bit more specific otherwise it provides details about the UK. When I asked Siri “Who will win the Queensland 2015 state election” it provided 7 different references to websites discussing the election.

siri qld state election

Google Trends is showing an increase in interest and this information will grow as the election gets closer as it did with previous elections.

google trends qld state election

State Election Twitter Trend and Hash Tags

Now lets have a look at Twitter Trends and Major Players and Hash Tags.

Campbell Newman

Twitter ID: @theqldpremier

Campbell Newman Qld State Election

41.9 K Followers

Twitter Audit Details

Campbell Newman fake twitter followers - qld state election

25,924 Fake Twitter followers according to Twitter Audit

Annastacia Palaszczuk

Twitter ID: @annastaciamp

Annastacia Palaszczuk Qld State Election


Twitter Audit Details

Annastacia Palaszczuk fake twitter followers

1,180 Fake Twitter followers according to Twitter Audit

The following data is from Topsy showing the number of tweets both the @theqldpremier and @AnnastaciaMP have made since the election was called. It’s obvious the Campbell Newman account hit the ground running with more tweets in the first couple of days.

topsy qld state election campaign tweets

Major QLD State Election Hash Tags

There are 2 major hash tags that standout with the Qld State Election.

queensland state election hash tags

So which politician is winning the Social Media race? And does it matter to the end result?