Part 2 of Google Apps Coupon Code Experiment

Part 2 of Google Apps Coupon Code Experiment

Last week I created a video on how to rank a keyword in Google. It’s interesting to see since the posting how the phrase “Google Apps Coupon Code” bounced around from 15 through to 38 for the ranking of the keyword.

Since the creation of the article, I created a video and updated the original article to have a bit more content and added a number of internal links from articles and placed the article title in the widget area on the side to see if this influences the rankings on the page.

Google Apps Coupon Code Rankings On Boxing Day

The phrase jumped in at position 17 for a desktop search and 16 for a mobile search. Earlier this year Google introduced an update that impacted mobile searches. Basically if you had a mobile friendly website you have a better chance of ranking higher than a non-mobile friendly website.

search rankings for Google Apps Coupon Code

Google Apps Coupon Code search rankings

You are able to test if your website is mobile friendly at the following link.

It’s super important to have a mobile friendly website, as more and more people are using mobile devices to do purchases, general searches and voice activated searches. I’m on holidays at the Sunshine coast, and I’ve only used my laptop to write this article and every other search I did was from my Android Phone.

Mobile phone searches have over taken desktop searches. Google Apps can be accessed from mobile phones and there is even a Google Apps Admin app for smart phones. This Google Admin app allows you to add users to your business email and many other things. It's pretty simple to use as well.

mobile search google apps coupon code rankings

mobile search google apps coupon code rankings

You may have noticed in the video that I did search in Incognito mode which just means I’m just hiding my personal information from Google and any websites I may visit. So when a do a search for “Google Apps Coupon Code” any previous search of data google has on me will not influence the Google search results.

I will not utilise Google Console (webmaster tools) to request for this new article to be indexed so it will be interesting to see how long it takes for the new article to be indexed by Google and to see what influence it has on the search results for the term Google Apps Coupon Code. And which article will be ranked highest – this one or the initial article.