Finally a Google PageRank Update at the 11th Hour

Finally a Google PageRank Update

Google Toolbar PageRank Update

Finally a Google Toolbar PageRank Update

So Google has finally done a Google PageRank Tool Bar Update. I honestly thought there would never be another update considering Google was aware there was an issue, that was stopping them being able to release a PageRank update. And they decided to do nothing about it for months.

The funny thing about the Google Tool Bar to measure PageRank is it is only formally supported by Google on IE. I does make we wonder what other informatory are they collected through this

But what does a Google PageRank Update actually mean to You?

As Google does PageRank updates everyday – they just periodically decide to release the PageRank Tool Bar update to the general public.

Besides this information is already a couple of weeks old – how do I know this? We manage a number of sites for customers and 1 of them we did a number of redirects from 2 sub-domains to another sub-domain to consolidate the information. Eg and were both redirected to

Both and were created back in February 2013 or something like this. was created on 30 of October 2013 and has a Page Rank of PR0.

When I did a site: today (7th of December) I found a couple of pages that I had not done redirects on – the privacy page was a PR3. It’s not exactly the most popular page or get much traffic.

Either way this makes me believe that the information Google releases to the public regarding PageRank is old information. I’ve thought this for a number of years now, as you notice any links that you had built in the last couple of weeks before a Google PageRank update –  they don’t seem to be counted as part of a pages PageRank.

All that aside, how do you make the most out of the recent Google PageRank update. As we know just because 1 page has a higher PageRank does not mean necessary they will out rank a competitor for a keyword.

I’ve seen it thousands of times and I’m sure you have as well. The more related a linking page is to the page you are trying to rank the high you will rank.

So how do you do this without doing black hat as it catches up with you eventually.

Make the Most of the Recent ToolBar PageRank Update

Well, there has just released a Google ToolBar PageRank Update – use this information and pick and choose the best pages available to build more links.

  • Build links from resources pages.
  • Do Broken link building.
  • Guest Posting, 20 at a time – not 1 or 2. Scale it up!
  • Good old Directory submission – not to any old directory, but to quality directories only!
  • Reverse Engineer you top 30 competitors for a keyword not the top 10 competitors! Check out their links and look at where they have got links from.

So if you every need any help in link building, give us a call or shoot us an email – the Brisbane SEO team would love to help you to make 2014 a busy year because of your website!

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