No Google PageRank Update? Is SEO Dead?

No Google PageRank Update? Is SEO Dead or Just BlackHat

Is Google PageRank dead?

No MORE Google PageRank Updates? Is SEO Dead?

So the last Google PageRank Toolbar Update was back in February 2013. And there are many new websites and pages with a PR of N/A – so what does this all mean. IS SEO DEAD!

Yes SEO is dead, for those who sell backlinks or expired domains. Yes Black Hat SEO is now dead and those who have expired domains have no idea on the value of their stock. Yes people will say that there are other measures like Trust flow and Citation – but the reality is they are guesses at best. As these are not from Google.

And those SEO Brisbane webmasters who have a stock pile of websites in their link networks look out! As Google has you in their target!

Is Google PageRank Dead or is SEO Dead?

I actual really hope Google has bitten the bullet and retired the Google PageRank scale. Because, what is the relevance of it anymore? Just because one website or one page has a higher Google PageRank does not mean it will rank higher in Google.

I honestly believe that when Google released a PageRank update  – I think it was actually a month old anyway. This leads to how often does Google do updates and include pages into its results. Well more popular sites eg sites with higher PageRank are indexed much more often so their results were included almost instantly. Where as sites with lower PageRank they were index less often. It doesn’t really matter, becuase every webmaster has the ability to fetch and submit pages through Google Webmaster tools. These pages can be seen within Goolge search almost instantly. However ranking can take a bit longer and will bouch around a lot initally.

PageRank also introduces allsorts on unsavoury behaviour. People selling 50 links with PR3 or above – you know what I mean. No I’m not saying that I’ve never been involved with this sort of thing – but that is the old way of doing SEO.

But is SEO really DEAD! No way, and I’m not just saying that to continue selling SEO services. However, if you need any please give me a ring. 617 3149 3460

If SEO was dead, how did I get SEO Consultant Brisbane to Rank Number 1 and the page has no Google PageRank at all! No external backlinks – no expired domains. Read the articles  on how this was achieved.

SEO Dead? Nope Just Google PageRank

Google PageRank is Dead but is SEO Dead?

Well were were wrong – Google decided to do a Google ToolBar PageRank Update at the eleventh hour of 2013. What does this mean for link builders. Well you have update information from Google so make hte most of it and start building quality links from related sites!