Do you Build Linkable Assets

Linkable Assets

The thing with ranking in Google you need quality backlinks. But the question I get all the time from customers and potential customers is how do you get backlinks? There are many approaches to this but 1 thing that we find works time after time is building a linkable asset.

I hear you say what is a linkable asset? It’s something that when you share it other people say that is pretty cool and they share it. Now you can create assets and publish them on slideshare and get thousands of vies and likes and share but from our experience you get little traffic or links to your website.

Here is a linkable asset we created on a website that we own and manage. The website is on a pretty boring topic of cleaning,  but this site does ok, in making money.

linkable assets

Urban Quote Cleaning is a cleaning website which captures leads and sells them to carpet cleaners and domestic cleaners. We even made a mobile app that we placed on Google Play. 

Now this infographic gets people’s attention, and when they place it on their website we get a link. But to do this you need to make the asset interesting – to the point and make people what to share it. But most of all you need to make it easy for people to share the content that also includes a link to your website.

Some people will say make sure you include you keyword in the link etc. Maybe, maybe not! As you need to ensure that you don’t now over optimize your page with the keyword that you are trying to rank for. As you don’t what 80% of the links to your website to match your exact keyword you are trying to rank for, otherwise you will never rank for the keyword.

Google released an over optimization penalty years ago on this – it was called Penguin. Some people will know it and other won’t believe it. As I have to explain to many junior internet marketers.

The 1 thing you find with ranking in Google is, the more you test the more you fail. But the more you learn, and that is how you can truly make money online.