SEO Brisbane Website Traffic

SEO Brisbane Website Traffic

How much traffic is there with the term SEO Brisbane?

So how popular is SEO Brisbane as a search term? Is it really worth the effort to win the traffic? What would be the process to win such a term. The following article will show you the process we follow to identify the search volume, the competition and is it cheaper to just purchase the traffic. As it cost money to win search traffic.

​Our preferred tool is SECock Pit by Swiss Made Marketing to identify keywords. The first part of any keyword research is to start with the key term or s seed term. Either way you are wanting to know different terms and different combination of the term.

​So the term we are looking at is “SEO Brisbane”. I’ve placed it in SE CockPit to generate the words with a location of Australia. I will undertake 3 different search options. The first one being Google Adwords Synonyms with a minimum monthly search of 30. As this is the default with the software.

​It takes a few minutes to generate a list of synonyms based on the seed work SEO Brisbane. 196 words are identified with the highest volume word being SEO – not surprising. With a search volume of 18,100 for Australia.

​But the phrase I’m looking for is SEO Brisbane and it has a search volume of 1,900 per month. So if you are at position 1 for the term you are likely to get about 35% of 1,900 visitors to you site.  Which is about 665 people looking for the exact term SEO Brisbane. 

Now that is not a bad amount of traffic to your website. Or you could buy the keyword via Google Adwords at about $24.87 per click – now you need to be charging a lot more than I do to be able to afford that phrase.​

But there is a reason “SEO Brisbane” is so expensive a CPC – and it’s because it’s a pretty difficult word to win.​

So next we will do a Google Suggest Synonyms of SEO Brisbane to see what additional terms it will add and how many more keywords will be added to the list.​

​So there the seed phrase also added an additional 41 phrases to the list. So the Google Suggest Synonyms is the looks for words/phrases to extent the current work. Eg SEO Brisbane Internet Marketing But unfortunately it only has a search volume of about 20 per month so its hardly worth the effort or the cost. As the CPC of it is $40.12 – ouch!

​And now there are 240 keywords related to SEO Brisbane which is a half decent list of phrases.

The next phrase would be to look through all the keywords and see are there any easy words to win. Eg the competition is low and there is a half decent amount of search associated to the term.​

But for this exercise I will baseline our current ranks of SEO Brisbane and see what this article does ranking wise. Will it out rank the existing SEO Brisbane article on the site or will be aid the existing article.​

So I had a quick look in Google webmaster tools and it show the term SEO Brisbane that we currently rank 19 as an average from the 15th of October to 14th of November. Now this is a pretty competitive phrase to win, but what will this article do to the rankings of this phrase.

​Now I have been watching this phrase for a while and tracking our rankings for it in SEO Rank Tracker and we have bounced around from 35 to 15 from August through to November.