App and Web Design using Google Material Techniques

App and Web Design using Google Material Techniques

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Google has coined a new term for web design that operates across all devices and they are calling it Material Design. There are 3 main principles with this:

  • Material is tactile
  • Bold Graphics
  • Motion is meaningful


What is the Material that Our Digital Interface are Made Out Of? What are the Rules?

When we look at things we see 3 dimensional object yet on websites and apps in general we only see 2 dimensions. By adding simple colours and shading we are able to add the 3rd dimension.

With the Google Material Properties technique the X and Y axis of an object changes while the Z (height property) axis remains uniform.

material app and web design principles metaphormaterial app and web design principles metaphor

Bold Graphics

When you choose colours how do you do it? Do you consider the colour wheel? I utilise a site call which allows you to pick your main colour and look at complementing colours.

If you were to cut out your icons and cut the colours out and raise them – this can produce the 3rd dimension via the shadows.

material app and web design principles


Motion helps improve user experience in particular with the event that follow the movement. Where it makes you feel like you are giving life to the user interface.

material design app and web principles motion

App and Web Design

Material Design is a great step forward in bring principles together to present unified design for screens of products. The challenge is implementing the principles in apps, websites, devices like smart phones and smart watches.

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