Melbourne IT Review Domain Name Costs

Melbourne IT Review

A customer of ours had their domain name with Melbourne IT. This is our Melbourne IT review of domain registration costs from an experience 1 of our customers had.

Now this customer we have had for a number of years and they truly get fantastic results from their website. They contacted use the other day because their website was down.

We check the website and yes it was unreachable.

We a ping on the website and the domain name could not be resolved. So we proceeded to check if there was a problem with the web hosting. The web hosting looked fine. We just couldn’t connect to the domain name.

Melbourne IT review

Review of Melbourne IT on Domain Registration Costs

In the end we did a whois on the domain – and it was at this point that we found out the domain name had expired. As domains can only be renewed for a maximum of 2 years. The customer asked if we could log into their Melbourne IT account and renew the domain name.

No problems I said – just part of keeping a great customer and getting their website back on the air again.

Review of the Horrific Cost of Melbourne IT

It was at this point that I actually found out how much this poor customer was getting ripped off. There was all sorts of upsells – on ensuring no one else was trying to get a domain name similar to them etc. Which I consider to be a total waste of money. At the end of it for the customer to renew their domain name was over $200 for 2 years. What the!!

If you are paying more than $20 per year for domain registration then you need to change. As we did for this customer. Also we will remind the customer of their pending domain registration by email and will give then a ring if they have not renewed it in the last 30 days. AS this is what we call customer service and ensuring our customer are happy with our services which are value for money.

Domain Registration

If you are paying too much for you domain registration check out our fees. If you need a hand moving you domain registration to us give us a ring we are more than happy to help you out.