SEO Consultant Brisbane

SEO Consultant Brisbane

So this article is a test study to rank for the term SEO Consultant Brisbane. So let’s see how hard it actually is to rack for the keyword “SEO Consultant Brisbane”. Do we even need to create backlinks to rank for this phrase?

As a full look at this keyword we will look at the competition on from Google – eg  who is ranking for this phrase on the 10th of August 2013. The typical tools we use for this is analysis is SECockPit and Google Keywords tool. It will be interesting to see do both tools provide the same number of monthly search. Like all keywords there are busy times of the year and slower times. Webmaster Tools will be the final verdict on the traffic volume.

Years gone past, people would have used scrapbox for automated blog commenting and other such tools. (OR even expired domains) To rank for a phrase. But the world of SEO has been turned upside down in recent Google updates. If you believe the hype SEO is Dead – what a lot of BS. Black Hat SEO is dead not SEO. If you don’t tune your page you will never rank and that is the reality.

To prove SEO is not dead let’s see how long it takes to get to the 1st page of Google Australia for the terms SEO Consultant Brisbane.

Current pages ranking for SEO Consultant Brisbane are:

SEO Colsultant Brisbane serpf from the 10th of August 2013

SEO Consultant Brisbane serp from the 10th of August 2013

Google Keywords Tools has the following details about SEO Consultant Brisbane for competition and the volume of traffic.

seo consultant brisbane keywords tool details

Google has the following details for phrase SEO Consultant Brisbane

Yes I also know search volumn can be a little wrong at times with any tool – but lets wait to see the results.

SECockpit our preferred keyword analysis tool displays the following competition, traffic, Facebook Likes, Tweets and G+’s.

SECockpit details SEO Consultant Brisbane

SECockpit details on the phrase SEO Consultant Brisbane

SECockpit's serp details for the keyphrase SEO Consultant Brisbane

SECockpit serps for SEO Consultant Brisbane

Interesting to see the Social signals from the social networks – considering G+ has about 2% of the market. Have a look a KissMetrics infographic on social networks penetration.  See it’s not that hard really to do AstroTurfing.

So let the experiment begin!

Well review the ranking by 4 methods. Google – manual check. SECockpit Rank Tracker, SEO Rank Tracker and Google Webmaster tools.

Is this over kill – well yes obviously. But do all the tools also represent the same results – this is the more important thing.


Check Out the Update from this Post – I was shock at the timing for  this to get ranked Page 1!

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